Family Dinner & Social Program 2017

Dear DCA Members

 DCA board wants to thank DCA members and families that participated in DCA dinner and social program on Friday December 8, 2017. The performers received high appreciation from the audience.     

 Special thanks to the following to make the event successful:

Overall Planning and Execution: Zahra Mohamed, Salman Kaleemi, Qadeer Ahmed, Nadir Khawaja, Farooq A Khan

Ad-Diwan Decoration: Amna, Usman Javaid, Reshma Khan, Aliya Khurshid, Ayesha Nadir, Afrisia Farooq, Sadia Basharat, Zahra Mohamed

Event MC’s: Iram Iqbal and Seema Mustafa

Food vendors: Executive Board
Ad-Diwan set up & logistic support: Recreation
Appreciation: Performers, all attendees, guests, musical system support and Recreation.