DCA Crikite April 2018

DCA board wants to thank around 1000 DCA, community members and families that participated in DCA Crikite event on Friday April 20, 2018 in beautiful weather and atmosphere. The food vendors Pin Burger, AFS (BBQ & Shawarma), Rajo Karak, Baskins Robins, Joffery’s were completely sold out. There was very high demand for kites while organizers for Henna, face painting and children games were kept busy all the time.  Additionally Ladies and DYCA cricket matches were played. Dhahran Recreation played vital role to help conducting the event safely while providing all ground set-up, logistic, gate pass support.   

Special thanks to the following to made the event successful:

Volunteer coordination and participation: Qadeer Ahmed and Salman Kaleemi.  Thanks to Volunteers form DCA Stars (Asim, Khurram, Avais), DCA Challengers (Basharat, Kamran Afzal, Waqas, Faisal), DCA Kings (Tan, Asif Ahmed), DCA Outlaws (Imran Afzal, Zia Tunio), DCA Tape Ball/ DYCA (Mohsin Tunio, Hammad Imran, Zulfiqar Nazir) and other volunteers.

Crikite Flayer: Salman Kaleemi, Qamar Rizvi, Saad Sikander

Kites Coordination: Hassan Iqbal

Volunteer T-shirts: Qadeer Ahmed, Salman Kaleemi, Taqi Baig

Digital Media Coverage: Sheraz Mushtaq, Asif Muzaffar

Food vendors: Nadir Khawaja, Farooq A Khan

Ground Set Up / Gate passes / Security / Safety: Recreation, Farooq A Khan, Nadir Khawaja

Event MC: Taqi Baig

Ladies Match Coordination: Lubna Rizvi and all ladies team.

DYCA Match Coordination: Tariq Chaudhry, Qadeer Ahmed, Ammad Ahmed


Farooq A Khan, Nadir Khawaja, Qadeer Ahmed, Salman Kaleemi