DCA – DPG Event

DCA board wants to thank members and families that participated in DCA-DPG collaborated Poetry (DPG) and Ghazal event (DCA) on Friday February 23, 2018. The Poetry segment was very well organized by DPG and Ghazal / songs (mixture of old & new) performance of Mohammed Vakil was highly appreciated and well received by the audience. The first DCA-DPG collaborated event was highly successful and surely we can plan similar events in the future.      

Special thanks to the following to make the event successful:

DPG: President Asif Khan, Naila Saeed, board members, Poets, DPG Mc’s and decoration team.

DCA:  Zahra Mohamed for arrangements of Vakil, DCA Mc’s Iram Iqbal and Seema Mustafa 

Digital Media Coverage: Sadaqat Ali (Anybody interested to get his photographs please send from personnel email to Sadaqat.ali.syed@outlook.com)

Food vendor: DCA Executive Board

Ad-Diwan set up & logistic support: Recreation

Appreciation: Performers, all attendees, guests, musical system support.


DCA Executive Board