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DYCA Matches

DYCA Matches

Dhahran Young Cricket Academy (DYCA)

The Dhahran Cricket Association (DCA) provides a wonderful platform for cricket lovers in the community, providing opportunities to all age groups. Considering the fact that the youngsters are our future stars, the Dhahran Young Cricket Academy (DYCA) was established a decade ago and functions under the umbrella of DCA. Major objectives of DYCA is to engage the community children and youngsters in healthy sport activities and develop their game skills through regular coaching and competitions. DYCA is also an amazing platform for socializing among the children and families.

DYCA provides following benefits and activities:

  • Weekly coaching and practice sessions for tape-ball and hardball players
  • DYCA Tournaments and family events
  • Matches with external teams and DCA adult teams
  • Opportunities to participate with regular DCA & regional matches
  • Opportunity to learn game techniques from top DCA & regional performers

Membership for DYCA 2023-24 season:

  • SR 150 for the tapa-ball players per family, including social benefits
  • SR 200 for hardball player, including social benefits

For details, kindly contact:

Muhammad Faisal Mirza: DYCA Coordinator. Phone: 0568242984

Abdul Qadeer: DCA Vice President

Basharat Ali: DCA Social Coordinator

@Dhahran Cricket Association